lūpų sinchronizavimo optimalus kampas

Kaip versti garso ir vaizdo įrašų turinį

Please Read These Tips for Optimal Results:

  • Video Upload Guidelines:
    • Register at: https://beta.verbalate.ai/register/
    • Free Demo users: 1 minute max video upload length.
    • Subscribers: Up to 30 minutes video upload length.
    • Use .MP4 for video or .MP3 files for audio only translations.
    • 720/1080p, 25 FPS, 5Mbps bit rate

    Audio and Voice Quality:

    • Use clear audio for best translation results.
    • For optimal voice cloning, speak for at least 30 seconds.
    • Use a microphone and speak clearly.

    Lip Sync Tips

    • One person on screen; face clear and front-facing at camera height.
    • Avoid excessive movements and covering lips.
    • Stay at a moderate distance for accurate lip sync.

      Place head shots in the green zone for optimal lip sync.
      lūpų sinchronizavimo optimalus kampas
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